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Crash Course in Jewish History

Crash Course in Jewish History

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The Miracle and Meaning of Jewish History, From Abraham to Modern Israel

From Abraham and the birth of monotheism to the Holocaust and the creations of modern Israel - the Jewish people's progress through time violates all the laws of human history. For centuries, some of the greatest minds have come to appreciate the profound impact that this tiny nation has had on humanity and have tried to unlock the great mystery that the Jewish story presents, asking: How did this people survive against all the odds?

Crash Course in Jewish History explores the 3,800 years of Jewish existence while answering the great question: Why have the Jewish people been so unique and influential yet so relentlessly hated and persecuted? This volume is not only comprehensive and readable; it is also entertaining and enlightening. Historian and author Rabbi Ken Spiro takes the reader on a fascinating and informative journey through time, highlighting the key lessons of Jewish and world history, and most importantly, the profound relevance that the past holds for the future of both the Jewish people and humanity.

Novices and scholars alike will find this book to be thought-provoking and insightful - a valuable guide to understanding the challenges we face in the 21st century.

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