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Communities All Around

Communities All Around

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Communities All Around introduces students to social studies and American history.

  • Each chapter has a general introduction to a topic about government, civics, or American history, with newly-introduced concepts and words highlighted for special attention.
  • The many “Focus on…” chapters provide creative ways to explore concepts or moments in history, or delving into a topic with a more in-depth and focused view.
  • The book is geared towards a student body living in or familiar with the tri-state area, as there is more focus on topics of interest about government and history of this general area, thus allowing students to immerse themselves in what’s most relevant to their actual daily experience and environment.
  • Throughout the book there are lessons with maps that provide context to historical events, while often also showing how these locations fit into the present environmentLessons and stories are presented in student-friendly format, with crisp and large fonts, and lots of colorful pictures and drawings.


ISBN: 9780977780228

Copyright Year: 2015

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