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Penguin Random House

Commander In Cheese: Mouse Rushmore

Commander In Cheese: Mouse Rushmore

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Visit Mount Rushmore in this Super Special edition of Commander in Cheese!

Mount Rushmore shows the faces of four great U.S. presidents. More important, it houses the biggest mouse treasure room of all! But the room is in trouble. Treasures keep disappearing like cheese off a mousetrap! It's up to the Squeakerton family to travel to the monument and solve the mystery. When they get to Mount Rushmore, they'll meet new friends, find clues, and even hold a stakeout! Can these little mice catch a big thief? Or will they go back to the White House with their tails tucked between their legs?

Imagine The Borrowers scurrying around the White House in this chapter book series that's sure to thrill kids who love tiny details and big fun. Bonus cool facts about presidents, the White House, and U.S. history are included in the back.

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