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Are secrets meant to be kept?

Supersleuth Yael Reed is back! She’s newly married and is now Yael Yair. Students and staff at Ner Miriam, her former boarding school in an English coastal town, are receiving shocking blackmail notes, threatening to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets.

When the horrific threats go way too far, the school is in an uproar. Can Yael track down the blackmailers before the next student is traumatized?

Coercion is the eighth book in Ruthie Pearlman’s wildly popular series, including best-selling School of Secrets, Lockdown, Disappeared, Whispers, Foundling, Target, and Bloodline. Join fearless daredevil Yael Yair in another gripping thriller that’s packed with suspense till the very end — and that’s no secret.

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