The Secret At Jefferson's Mansion: Capital Mysteries #11


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From popular A to Z Mysteries author Ron Roy comes a red, white, and blue mystery perfect for President's Day!

In the eleventh book of the Capital Mysteries — an early chapter book mystery series featuring fun facts and famous sites from Washington, D.C. — KC and Marshall are painting a closet in the White House when they come across a forgotten cubbyhole. Hidden inside is an old box of homemade toy horses that once belonged to Thomas Jefferson! KC and Marshall take the historic treasure to Jefferson's home, Monticello, but right after they get there, the box — with all the horses inside — is stolen! How did a thief snatch the horses from right under everyone's noses? KC and Marshall are going to find out!

Each book highlights one of the famous museums, buildings, or monuments from the Washington area and includes a map and a two-page fun fact spread with photographs. Parents, teachers, and librarians agree that these highly collectible chapter books are perfect for emerging readers and any kid who loves mysteries!

Censor Level: 1
Format: Paperback
Genre: Fiction
Guided Reading Level: N
Series: Capital Mysteries
ISBN-13: 9780375845338
ISBN-10: 0-37-584533-X
Sub Genre: Mystery

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