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First Grade ABC Blending Workbook- ABC In Order

First Grade ABC Blending Workbook- ABC In Order

ISBN: 9781947737037

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Teachers can use this workbook to teach the alphabet rapidly to students who have not previously learned it. It includes practice of the alphabet, phonics, and sight word pages. The alphabet activity and review pages are formulated to teach two letters each week. The phonics pages are worksheets which begin with blending two letters together and then move on to blending three-letter short “a” and short “i” words. Several pages which incorporate practice with the easily confused letters “b” and “d” are included as well. Some sight words are also introduced to familiarize students with the concept. After twelve weeks of using this ABC Blending Workbook, students will be ready to begin Book One of the ReadBright Workbooks. For a more extensive and comprehensive coverage of the alphabet, the Multisensory ABC Activity Book should be used.

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