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Believe in Me

Believe in Me

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Faced with her mother's untimely passing and a shocking clause in the will, Becky Belgrade's life is thrown into turmoil. Her fragile relationship with her only sister is tested time and again, and 
wherever she turns, she faces painful reminders of the person she used to be.

Will anyone really see the person Becky has become, and believe in her?

Becky's husband, Menachem, is also forced to confront his own pain and heartache over decisions made in the past. Will Becky be able to come to terms with his startling revelation?

Believe in Me is a gripping story of pain and betrayal, of growth and self-awareness. Join the unforgettable cast of characters as they learn to believe in others, and ultimately - to believe in themselves.

NEW from Esther Toker, the author of Rough Diamonds, Ticket to Life, Proof Positive, and many other popular titles.
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