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Becoming a Master of Time

Becoming a Master of Time

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A spiritual guide to time management

Some people count the moments — others make their moments count. This popular saying expresses the purpose of this book in a nutshell: to inspire and help people actually accomplish the worthwhile goal of mastering time. The reader is guided toward achieving this lofty objective by delving into Jewish teachings about time which reveal a spiritual, yet highly practical view of time management.

Spanning diverse topics, Becoming a Master of Time explores the wisdom and significance of the Jewish calendar as well as the intriguing connection of time to dreams, prophecy, femininity, reincarnation, modern technology, focused thought, and meditation. Additionally, the comparison between Kabbalistic ideas and modern scientific inquiry about time brings the reader into a fascinating and thought-provoking realm. Ultimately, one’s perspective and attitude towards time and life itself determine whether one is indeed a slave to time, or whether one can succeed in extracting from time its infinite potential, through wisdom and resolve. Becoming a Master of Time is an invaluable tool in learning how to fulfill one’s goals and mission in life.

Rabbi Avraham Arieh Trugman has been involved in Jewish education for thirty-five years. He currently serves as the director of Ohr Chadash, a dynamic educational program based in Israel. Rabbi Trugman is the author of nine popular books and five CDs of original music. He appears at Shabbos programs and lectures extensively worldwide.

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