Battle for the Castle

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As William turns twelve, he wonders if Jason is still his best friend. In the past year, Jason has grown a foot taller, while William is still a shrimp. When Jason challenges William to jump the trains, William is terrified. How else can he prove himself to Jason? William gets his answer when his former housekeeper sends him a magic token that once again transports him to Sir Simon's castle in the Middle Ages, this time with Jason. There the two friends face a dangerous army of rats and their gigantic leader. Once before, William was a hero in Sir Simon's day. Now it's up to William to destroy the rats and save the kingdom in the final battle for the castle.

Censor Level: 3
Format: Paperback
Genre: Fiction
Guided Reading Level: P
ISBN-13: 9780440409427
ISBN-10: 0-44-040942-X
Sub Genre: Adventure / Fantasy

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