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Avigdor's Amazing Adventure 2

Avigdor's Amazing Adventure 2

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Cardo: Who wants to come with me on an incredible journey?

Aliza: I have my very own bank account? What fun!

Jammy: Calm down, Your Royal Foolishness, I've come  to help you with my ingenious plan.

Avigdor: I always thought that all I needed was willpower,  but then I saw that it wasn't enough.

Mr. Nebachovitz: Give me back my money! This car is completely worthless!

Marshmel: Wonderful, I can just sit back, relax, and nosh on some sugar.

The citizens of Planet Shtus are terribly worried since many children on Planet Earth have begun to follow a healthy lifestyle! His Royal Foolishness has recruited his subjects to stop at nothing to get the children to fall back into their old unhealthy habits.

Avigdor, Aliza, Rubi, Cardo, and the rest of the heroes of Avigdor's Amazing Adventure advance to a whole new level, which demands tremendous courage! They learn how to cope with setbacks and failure, about creating new habits and leaving old ones, and of course about many fascinating processes taking place in our bodies right now.

Avigdor's Amazing Adventure Series is a must-read for any kid who wants to succeed. Are you smart and brave? Like laughter and adventure? Want to discover a new world? Learn how to use your mind to change your life!

Join Avigdor's fascinating comic book series and you'll learn how to make a big change in your life -- a change that, b'ezras Hashem, will bring you great success in many different areas.

Avigdor's Amazing Adventure 2Based on the bestsellingTo Your Health by Rav Yechezkel Ishayek
After changing the lives of tens of thousands of adults, Rav Ishayek's classic is now available in a new format for children. This book is based on Torah and on current medical knowledge.

Avigdor's Amazing Adventure 2 is good news for both parents and children since it presents guidelines for healthy living in an exciting comic book format, and inspires children to make real changes and b'ezras Hashem achieve amazing results.

Avigdor's Amazing Adventure is the bestselling first volume in the series.

Highly recommended by educators and medical professionals.

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