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Alshich on the Torah, Shemos, 2 Volume Boxed Set

Alshich on the Torah, Shemos, 2 Volume Boxed Set

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In his brilliant analysis of Shemos, the Alshich uses every available method of understanding the Torah. His unique commentary sheds light on even its most cryptic passages. The Alshich poses questions that perplex the intelligent reader of the Torah and then offers in-depth analyses and original interpretations of the text. Time and again, he points out how seemingly haphazard sentence structures are rife with nuances that are pivotal to our understanding of the Torah's text. The Alshich’s explanations demonstrate the Divine nature of the Written Torah and show us how the Oral Torah and its teachings are implicit in the wording of the Torah itself.

He poses such diverse questions as:

  • Our Sages tell us that Hashem sent an angel in the form of a snake to swallow Moshe. Where did they find any hint of this in the words of the Torah?
  • Why did Hashem make the Jewish people suffer by depriving them of water for three days at Marah? And once He arranged for them to find water, why present them with something undrinkable?
  • Since Hashem wants to destroy Amalek, why does He allow them to stay in existence for every generation?
  • How are each of the twelve stones of the Choshen Mishpat, worn by the Kohen Gadol, connected to a beis din and its judges?
  • How was it possible for Hashem to command the Jewish people to build the Mishkan without their having any prior knowledge or experience in construction, engineering, or craftsmanship?


These questions as well as hundreds of others are answered as the Alshich applies his encyclopedic knowledge and depth of thought to the Torah verses in this unique and enlightening commentary on Sefer Shemos.

“Having read portions of the manuscript, I can see that the writers and editors have done an excellent work of not only translating the Hebrew into pleasing English, but also of explaining and elucidating it at the same time. They have opened up what has until now been a closed commentary to the English-speaking public.”

Dayan Menachem Gelley Rosh London Beis Din / Rav of Beis Hamedrash Ohr Chodosh

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