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All Children Flourishing: Igniting the Greatness of Our Children

All Children Flourishing: Igniting the Greatness of Our Children

ISBN: 9780967050782

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This approach was originally designed to help families help their difficult children better adapt to school and family life. During years of using this approach with these children, however, I discovered that it works beautifully to foster inner strength, higher achievement, happiness, security and exemplary conduct in every child. It is not just another positive approach to parenting designed to improve behavior. Rather, it s an approach to greatness, a method of recognizing and appreciating the gifts each child possesses. Parents who had been desperate to find something that worked and adopted the Nurtured Heart Approach with their difficult child typically also used the approach with their other children, because it s just easier that way. They would then report similar, extraordinary results: they described their other children as flourishing beyond anything they had ever seen or experienced before. This approach gives parents enormous power to help every child navigate an ever more complex world with confidence and an inner compass of greatness. Children need a real inheritance, not monetary wealth, but inner wealth. We may no longer have the luxury of using old methods - conventional and traditional ways of instilling self-esteem and enforcing/reinforcing positive choices considering all that a child faces these days. We need approaches that put us all in an advantageous situation: a place where parents have tools at their disposal that reliably infuse their children with enormous inner strength. We can no longer just occasionally urge our children to feel self-worth, to make better choices and to have a better attitude. A more proactive approach is needed. We have to give them irrefutable evidence, in real time, that they are successful…right here and right now!

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