Ahrele #2

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The Second Volume In The Best-Selling "As Long As I Live" In Comic Form

Will Ahrele's Dream Of Triumph Over His Stutter Come True? You've Been Waiting For The Answer...

The amazing true story of Aharon Margalit's drive to triumph over all trials and tribulation from childhood through adulthood has been a bestselling source of inspiration to adults in As Long As I Live. This graphic story presentation has been adapted for children to inspire them while entertaining with the fascinating story of his life. This is part two of the thrilling story which children have been eagerly awaiting, continues the story where Part One left off. Will Ahrele's vision of overcoming his physical disabilities come true? Find out in this second volume and inspire children with Aharon Margalit's message: "You can achieve many of your hopes and dreams.. I have faith in your ability and pray for your success!"

Censor Level:
Format: Default Title
Genre: Comics
Guided Reading Level:
Series: Ahrele
ISBN-13: 9781598260731
Sub Genre: Boys / Girls

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