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The table started to shake. “Mommy, do you think it’s an…” Uri began.
“Earthquake!” Mrs. Freund said. “Quick, under the table!” The entire room seemed to sway and rock. The floor was shaking and quaking. Shifra held her head down. “Mommy. We’re going to fall in!”

When a massive earthquake demolishes the Freund family’s hometown, they must
move in with their relatives who live in a different state. The house is bursting with
zany yet well-meaning relatives, and eleven-year-old Shifra finds sharing a squishy
bedroom with an unfriendly cousin impossible! Building a rickety home extension,
planning a fundraiser to rebuild Shifra’s school, and a hunt for hidden treasure keep
everyone on their toes.

Popular author Chaya Sara Ben Shachar presents a fun-filled adventure about making
room for others — even when it’s hard. Join Shifra and her family as they unite
following a serious disaster, and watch as they struggle to deal with its aftershocks.

Recommended Reading Level: Grades 5-6

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