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After School With Mayer and Sarah

After School With Mayer and Sarah

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While eating lunch with Mommy and Tatty, Meir and Sara learn all about opposites.

This exciting, new book, brought to you by Shlavlavim, deals with varying questions, such as: Who has a lot of water and who has a little? What was once dry that is now wet? Can Meir and Sara help Mommy? Throughout this book, Meir and Sara discover all about opposites while learning how to help Mommy and give her energy.

Family lunchtime is a great time for conversation; Who is eating what and how much? Who likes what and why? Join Meir and Sara as they eat their lunch and discover an entire world of opposites. Join them as they brainstorm how they can help their hardworking mother.

Perfectly designed for young children, this book teaches age-appropriate values with a simple story taken straight from their childish world of concepts. Wrapped in an exciting, laminated book complete with adorable illustrations, this is just what children need! Expand and enrich their world of concepts as they sit glued to this exciting book.

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