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Achievements American History V1

Achievements American History V1

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The Achievements World History Curriculum begins with the history of early civilizations, also known as “ancient civilizations.” It is the study of the rise and collapse of key civilizations during these times, such as Rome, Greece, Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Arabia, Byzantine, the Ottoman Empire, Medieval Europe, and more. 

Students learn the connections between World History and the world todayA vital purpose of learning from the past is its relevance towards making a better future. 

Our interactive workbook presents primary and secondary sources to relay the historical facts, along with pictures and colorful maps.
Additionally, historical critical thinking skills are developed and encouraged. This makes for a more meaningful and interesting learning experience.


This curriculum is geared to grades 5-8.

​This curriculum is available in 2 versions:
Clozed Method (with blanks)
Non Clozed-Method (no blanks)

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