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A Thread of Kindness – A Tzedakah Story

A Thread of Kindness – A Tzedakah Story

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The Midrash relates this story of a once wealthy man who became poor.  Forced to work the fields for his bread, he worries that he may not be able to feed his family.  His wife encourages him to trust in Hashem, and all will be well.  When a mysterious visitor meets him in the field one day and offers him six years of riches, he asks his clever wife what to do.

Her advice and her subsequent example of using the riches for many good deeds makes the few years last a lifetime.

This inspiring story of generosity was adapted by Leah Shollar and illustrated in soft water color drawings by a talented Russian artist.  It is sure to inspire the reader with the lesson that good deeds really do last forever.

A reproduction of the original Hebrew text on the midrash, appears on the inside covers of this book.

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