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The Yom Tov Collection

The Yom Tov Collection

ISBN: 9781607630586

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An early reader for frum boys and girls

Kids will cheer this Yom Tov -- and every Yom Tov -- with this wonderful selection of stories from Menucha Fuchs s six popular Yom Tov books! These stories are packed full of good middos, acts of kindness and lots of fun!

This book contains a selection of stories from the following books, previously published as part of the bestselling Children's Learning Series:

Stories About Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
Sukkos with the Cohen Family
A Chanukah Surprise and other Chanukah stories
A Purim Celebration and other Purim stories
Pesach with the Cohen Family
Cheesecake Surprise and other Shavuos stories

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