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Words Their Way Classroom K-5

Words Their Way Classroom K-5

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By focusing on three critical features of words – their sound, spelling, and meaning, young students will begin to see similarities and differences in words with the goal of mastering reading and writing in this curriculum. The heart of the program is a hands-on activity called sort, grouping words or pictures that represent sounds into specific categories. This task is done through teacher-directed instruction and independent work for additional practice. The package includes eight consumable Word Study Notebooks, an Implementation Guide, Teacher Resource Guide, and a 6-year access to the Realize Digital Package. The colorful Word Study Notebooks contain a four-page lesson for each sorting activity, including picture and/or word cards for students to cut out, and a grid for students to sort and glue the cards. The Implementation Guide gives a quick overview about how to implement and manage the program. The Teacher Resource Guide provides comprehensive instruction and support to teach each sort or lesson in every notebook. The Digital Package contains the Big Book of Rhymes (poems with engaging illustrations), Interactive Sorts, writing sorts, word hunts, sorting games, and the Classroom Library. A card is included with the curriculum including instructions on accessing the online digital components.

The implementation guide is your starting point. This will explain the program and give you instruction on placement, pacing, and how to get started. Each lesson or sort should take about 15-20 minutes a day. Day one begins with a rhyme or poem to introduce the pattern and sort. Students practice sorting words on day two, and on day three they connect this skill to a writing activity. On day four, a short story is read and students hunt for words and patterns while reading. Day five concludes with an engaging word game. Overall, this newly revised curriculum is a complete word study program providing effective supplement

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