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What Shoes Will You Wear

What Shoes Will You Wear

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You’re never too young to dream about your future!

Myrtle and Erytle are twins who don‘t look alike or act the same, but they do share one common love…SHOES! Their father uses their love of shoes to encourage the young twins to start thinking about future careers early.

“Just start with what you know and love. Pick out your favorite shoe.
What you wear on your feet when you walk down the street might help you decide what to do.”

This book is an excellent resource that will spark children’s imaginations leading them to discover what they enjoy and want to become.

“There’s a job for every personality!”

Several career options are discussed as they apply to the shoes typically worn in that profession. Career clusters are also presented. This book explores the necessary skills that are universal for any career choice such as responsibility, self-confidence, integrity, punctuality, and teamwork – a fun, creative and detailed approach to career education!

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