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Walled Secrets

Walled Secrets

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An action-packed teen novel

The woman smiled broadly at both of them. “So what can I help you with?”
Nechama rubbed her nose. “We wanted to ask you about an apartment that you once owned. We own it now.”
The smile slid off of the woman’s face. “Oooh!” she cried out, and stood up. Cats scattered everywhere, and for the first time, the twins saw how tall she was. They both leaped to their feet and started backing up toward the door.
“That apartment,” the woman said. Her eyes were wide and she put her hands to her head, knocking her scarf askew. “That apartment! Do not ever mention that apartment to me!"

The Cohen family is moving to Eretz Yisrael, and most of its members are thrilled. But when they arrive they’re shocked to discover that their new apartment is gutted and totally unlivable — resembling more a cave than the cozy, attractive home they had dreamed of. Can the Cohens’ tenacious twelve-year-old twins, Nechama and Yechiel, solve an ancient riddle and make their new home a safe place?

Aharon regrets leaving behind his beloved Brooklyn buddies, baseball, and bagels. He wants life to be familiar again, and makes some extreme moves to prove his point. Levi’s startling decision puts the brothers’ relationship on edge. Can a mysterious Old City character — one the entire Cohen family is all too familiar with — help them perceive things differently?

Walled Secrets, by popular author Dina Neuman, is an upbeat, action-packed tale that will inspire readers to pursue their goals no matter what. Join its lovable cast of characters on an unforgettable, exhilarating ride through the streets of Yerushalayim as they explore the city’s past and present, and attempt to unearth its walled secrets.

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