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Virginia Mysteries #4: Secret of the Staircase

Virginia Mysteries #4: Secret of the Staircase

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If Sam and Derek have to get dressed up for a fancy wedding weekend, at least it’s at the Jefferson, Richmond’s famous downtown hotel. The brothers and their friend Caitlin love exploring the extravagant corridors, long elegant staircase and grand Rotunda of Lewis Ginter’s historic structure.

When the hotel opened back in 1895, real alligators roamed free in the courtyard fountains. But that was ages ago...or was it? A bellman’s mysterious tales of missing items and creepy sounds and shadows make the danger seem much more real.

After the wedding rings disappear and Sam is blamed, there’s no time to waste to learn the truth and recover the rings. But who is the real culprit? The friendly bellman, the disgruntled young son of the groom, or could it really be an alligator?

To save the wedding and clear Sam’s name, the kids must follow clues through secret passageways and hidden rooms deep within the hotel. But if they're not careful, they might become dinner for the Jefferson’s most unusual guests.

Secret of the Staircase is the fourth book in The Virginia Mysteries series, but it can also be read as a standalone. If you enjoy mystery and adventure like the Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Magic Tree House, or National Treasure, you’ll love author Steven K. Smith’s exciting middle-grade series. The stories are modern-day fictional mysteries with twists of real locations and events from Virginia history. These fast-paced books are popular with both boys and girls ages 7-12, appealing to even reluctant readers!

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