Up the Creek!


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When four friends set out on a canoe trip down Milligan Creek during spring runoff season, little do they realize their voyage through small town Saskatchewan is about to turn into one of the wildest experiences of their lives--if they survive! Facing raging rapids, frigid "icebergs," spinning whirlpools, roaring culverts, and their own recklessness, soon the boys find themselves in uncharted waters with no clue how they're going to get home. With night falling fast and no one to rely on but each other, the boys must figure out how to work together or risk falling victim to the merciless powers of nature--and their parents' wrath! The first book in the Milligan Creek Series, "Up the Creek" has sold over 25,000 copies and spent over 16 weeks at the top of Amazon.com's Canadian literature best-seller list.
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ISBN-13: 9781519253262
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