Titanic #4: The Eye Of The Storm


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TITANIC 4 is the fourth volume in the series that weaves together the story of the Titanic, the legendary “unsinkable” ship, with the tale of Moshe, a poor village boy who moves to the big city and gets swept up by his dizzying financial success.

In this volume, World War II bursts upon the scene. Rav Moshe Wallis becomes a leader who must guide his yeshivah as he musters all the inner strength he can in order to save his fellow Jews during the terrifying war years.

How does a selfless act he performed years before become the catalyst for saving many Jewish lives?

Here is a gripping tale, saturated with Torah values: Divine providence, emunas chachamim, and the clear knowledge that HaKadosh Baruch Hu has never and will never abandon His beloved children.

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Format: Default Title
Genre: Comics
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Series: Titanic
ISBN-13: 9781680254617
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