The Will


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A terrible crime was perpetrated in the Jewish ghetto of Rome some sixty years ago, and now it threatens the financial empire of the Lorenzini family. Jonathan Meislik, an ordinary Torah student from B'nei Brak, accidentally exposes the secret, and is drawn unwillingly into a whirlpool of conflicts. He finds himself opposed by powerful elements committed to hush this case at any price. Itzik Peled accompanies a group of ailing children to a Dutch summer camp. He presents himself as a journalist, but he appears to be enmeshed in a case of espionage. Suspicions mount from day to day. Is he a traitor? What are his real intentions? And in Israel, a pious family from Jerusalem endures threats and persecution over a cache of ancient documents. In a heart-pounding pursuit, crisscrossing continents and oceans from New York's Little Italy through Amsterdam, Paris, and Luxembourg to the quiet streets ofBnei Brak, the tension escalates. And abruptly, everything becomes startlingly clear. The Will, a sophisticated, suspenseful novel, sweeps the reader through a dizzying plot, interwoven with powerful Jewish themes and messages of eternal significance.
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