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The Sukkah That I Built

The Sukkah That I Built

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Shortly after the awe-inspiring days of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, we celebrate the joyous holiday of Sukkos. On this yom tov, we eat in a sukkah to remember the temporary dwellings of the Jewish people during the Exodus from Egypt.

In The Sukkah that I Built, a young child joins in the rollicking fun of hammering the walls, climbing the ladder and putting schach on the family sukkah. Set to a "House that Jack Built"� refrain, the reader builds his vocabulary along with the building of the sukkah! Each "new"� word appears in a different color, highlighting the key words for easy recognition by the young, beginning reader.

Bold, colorful illustrations with all the objects clearly positioned on every page make this book a unique learning experience! Perfect for reading aloud, The Sukkah that I Built teaches young children both sequencing and "how to build a sukkah"� Sure to become a family favorite at Sukkos time.

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