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The Scribe's Brush

The Scribe's Brush

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A one-of-a-kind comics book set during the uncertain days of the Spanish Inquisition

Upon the tragic demise of his father by the hands of the wicked Spanish Inquisition, young David Abotrani accepts upon himself to continue his family's legacy and become a scribe. Then temptation rears its head, in the form of a talented Dutch artist who introduces the boy to the world of art and to David's own skill at painting. David finds himself caught between the desires of his heart on one hand, and his deep-set knowledge of what's right and what's wrong on the other.

Will David find the inner strength to make the right choices in his life - or will he be forced to learn about his role as a Jew and as a scribe, the hard way? Find out in The Scribe's Brush, a one-of-a-kind comics book for teens!
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