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The Rashi Challenge

The Rashi Challenge

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The legendary mashgiach Rav Shlomo Wolbe zt”l asserted that Chumash with Rashi forms the foundation of Jewish spiritual life. The Rashi Challenge is an exciting way to enliven the Shabbos table and instill Torah wisdom and values in our children and the entire family.


Over 3,000 Questions for the Shabbos Table and Everyday Review

Approbations :< /p>Learning Chumash with Rashi has been a treasured part of Jewish life for almost a thousand years, since the time he lived and wrote. Now, Rabbi Jonathan Fox, with his engaging question-and-answer format, brings the enjoyable gift of Rashi to our Shabbos tables every week. The Rashi Challenge makes the power and wisdom of Rashi’s teachings accessible to all young and old, learned and beginner in a delightful and fascinating way.


Studying the parashah of the week establishes a unifying rhythm in Jewish learning, holding Jews together throughout the world. Rabbi Fox’s creativity has added a wonderful new dimension to this longstanding tradition.

Rabbi Warren Goldstein Chief Rabbi of South Africa

The learning of Rashi on the parashah has become an integral and essential part of Torah study. Rabbi Fox has compiled a wonderful and exciting book to aid one’s learning and understanding of Rashi on the parashah. I have looked through ¬the Rashi Challenge and I am certain that the questions will challenge, stimulate and educate both the beginner and the more experienced learner.

Rabbi Moshe Aharon Kurtstag Rosh Beth Din of Johannesburg.

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