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The Queen of Bais Yaakov

The Queen of Bais Yaakov

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The story of Dr. Judith Grunfeld

From Germany to Poland to England and beyond. She traveled the world and changed the world.

Even as a young girl, Judith Grunfeld knew she wanted to do great things for her people. Growing up in peaceful Frankfurt, Germany, though, she had no idea that she would help lead a revolution.

As a young woman, Judith traveled to a small Polish town to meet a seamstress by the name of Sarah Schenirer. Together, these two very different women founded the Bais Yaakov movement that changed the face of Torah Judaism. Much later, Judith faced another challenge, as she fought to keep hundreds of children true to their heritage in a sleepy English village that had never seen a Jew before.

Judith Grunfeld was elegant, adventurous, and deeply committed to our traditions. Her life changed our lives. Her story will, too.

Great Women, Great Stories presents biographies of notable Jewish women the world over. Some of the women are well-known, others are not – but all of them lived lives that were both fascinating and inspiring.

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