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The Missing Peace

The Missing Peace


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Stories of Conflict and Reconciliation

A married daughter desperately needs more money from her strapped parents — again!

A loyal teacher opposes her principal in the middle of a friendly staff meeting.

A worker expects a raise and instead is fired.

Relationship conflicts are hard to solve when our own hurt gets in the way. In The Missing Peace, we hear stories of struggles between family members, friends, neighbors, and others.

The husband who responds to his wife’s outpouring of emotion with “What’s the big deal?” and wonders why she’s upset with him.

The girl who wasn’t invited to her friend’s birthday party — should Mom intervene?

The doctor who wouldn’t take emergency house calls.

The disorganized mother — is it really her neighbor’s business?

Seasoned therapists and skillful storytellers Esther Gendelman and Rachel Stein provide us with engrossing stories that shed insight into the opposing, yet valid emotions from both sides of the conflict. In addition, the authors provide valuable coaching strategies to help us cope with our own interpersonal challenges so that we too can find our missing peace.

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