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The Little Black Box 3-in-1 Thrillogy

The Little Black Box 3-in-1 Thrillogy

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Part 1: Top Secret by Libby Lazewnik

Part 2: The Second Secret by Libby Lazewnik

Part 3: The Secret Revealed by Pearl Schreiber 

When Shraga Morgenstern and Pinny Katz prepare to accompany their physicist fathers to the Lake View Hotel, they never dream of the perils that lie in wait. Their quiet retreat soon turns into a nightmare when they discover that the new and deadly weapon their fathers have been working on has been stolen. Just when Shraga, Pinny, and their young detective friends think they’ve solved the mystery, another layer unfolds. Can the boys clear the cloud of suspicion that hangs over their fathers’ heads — and survive the sinister “accidents” that threaten their own lives?

Follow Shraga, Pinny, and their band of friends in this heart-pounding and page-turning “thrillogy”! Includes three mysteries in one fabulous book, now back in print!

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