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The Last Lie

The Last Lie

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The exciting story that began with Deception comes to its electrifying conclusion!

On the day of his vort, attorney Ari Lander comes home to find his only daughter missing. To his horror, she has gone away with the mother who abandoned her family, and her Jewish faith, seven years earlier. He also learns that his longtime client, Paul Scottolini, has been found poisoned in his bed—and the family wants Ari to be involved in tracking down the murderer.

Seeking out a killer is no child’s play. In fact—as Ari and all his loved ones will discover—it can be downright dangerous…

Meanwhile, Nina Hochman, Ari’s kallah, is the target of hostility by her fellow nurses for exposing a plot that does not show the hospital in its best light. As she struggles with this new coldness in the workplace and prepares for her wedding, she finds Ari strangely reticent, leaving her feeling locked out and lonely.

Meet a host of old characters and new in this riveting sequel to the explosive thriller, Deception. Peek into the workings of vulnerable new relationships and older, broken ones. Discover the lengths to which evil will go and goodness will triumph. Most of all, revel in the incredible power of healing and redemption.
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