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Kinder Shpiel

The Last Island

The Last Island

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How did Vidal arrive at the remote island?

What was his brilliant plan to ensure that he would be rescued?

Were his parents in Salonika concerned about him?

Why did the king suspect the evil Inquisitor?

What plot did the priest devise to increase his power?

And what 'surprise' did the Jewish sailors prepare for him?

Why did Zeide Yaakov become a fearsome pirate?

How did he fend off the drunken sailors?

And where did he suddenly discover his nephew in disguise?

Where was Dunash exiled along with 2,000 Jewish children?

What happened to the deaf-mute sailors?

And who taught Columbus the secrets of nature and navigation?

Who are Coconut, Without Me, and No-Name?

What is the significance of the mystifying signature on the letter?

And most importantly: Did the bottle reach its destination?


The answers to these suspenseful and spine-tingling mysteries are waiting for you between the covers of "The Last Island"   

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