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Kinder Shpiel

The Invisible Golem

The Invisible Golem

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Do you know the seven differences between the wise ones of Chelm and the Golem of Chelm?

The wise ones:

See and can be seen

Envision the future

Respond intelligently

Always speak clearly and coherently

Have their power in  their minds and not in their hands

Are of average size

Are socially apt and fit right in

And the Golem is just the opposite:

He sees and is sometimes invisible.

He can't foresee the future

He can neither ask nor answer

He speaks only when he is invisible

His strength is merely physical

He is as tall as a cedar tree

He casts fear upon people

The elderly gabbai, R' Yudel, shares the fascinating adventures of the Golem of Chelm. He's read them all in an old book whose ancient pages are falling apart. You're invited to join Sruli and Shmueli from Prague and hear another exciting tale by the famed Gold. An entertaining and captivating read for the young and young at heart. 

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