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The Exchange

The Exchange

ISBN: 9781600916472

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When Yerushalmi book store owner Amram Shapira goes collecting in America for both his son and daughter's weddings he ends up with way more than he bargained for. Sam Holtzman, generous gvir and conscientious father, makes Amram an offer he can't refuse.
Join the Shapiras and Holtzmans as they attempt to make the best of the unique "exchange" that has been made between their families.
Will Suri Holtzman be able to adjust to her new circumstances and live up to her father's expectations despite his concern for her safety?
Will Amram be able to hold out with this major interruption for the entire year?
How does Amram's rebbe, Reb Mottel, astonish everyone with his last will and testament?
Why is Amram's chavrusa, Meir Rosenfeld, hiding out at his grandparents' home in Tzefat?
And why, why, why did Amram agree to this arrangement in the first place?
Find out the answers in this lively, funny, poignant tale of life in Jerusalem.
The latest novel for women by Miriam Luxenberg, author of Victory Garden, Field of Dreams, Code Blue, and many other popular titles.
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