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The Desert Encampments

The Desert Encampments

ISBN: MP8055

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What happened to the Jewish people in the forty years of wanderings, between the giving of the Torah and their entry into the Holy Land?

Where did they go, and what was the purpose of these destinations?


The Torah goes into very great detail about the travels and events that took place during these years, but the time, place, and specifics of many of the events have remained hidden between the profound words of the verses, leaving us with a blurred picture and understanding of this crucial period in Biblical and Jewish history.

In yet another fascinating and eye-opening study, bestselling author Rabbi Alexander Hool, fortified with detailed mapping and satellite imagery, combines a meticulous study of the text with a plethora of detail, gleaned from diverse Rabbinic sources — in a fresh and exciting attempt to unlock the subtle and cryptic Scripture, and fathom the events, the journeys, and the significance of the desert encampments.


“Everyone who reads [this book] will find it enlightening, enjoyable, and intriguing.”

HaRav Aharon Feldman

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