The Blacksmith


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The blacksmith was a very important craftsman in colonial times. He made items from iron that were used in the home and on the farm and also made tools used by other tradesmen. Blacksmiths also made horseshoes and shod horses. This book brings the smithy to life through beautiful illustrations, detailed diagrams, and clear explanations. The Blacksmith introduces children to:
• the importance of the blacksmith in a community
• how the smithy was organized
• tools and household implements made by the blacksmith
• how a horse was shod
• the education of the blacksmith
• the work the blacksmith did for other craftsmen
• an introduction to other metalworkers, such as the founder
Censor Level: 2
Format: Paperback
Genre: Reference
Guided Reading Level: O
ISBN-13: 9780778707936
Sub Genre: History

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