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The B.Y. Times #6: Party Time

The B.Y. Times #6: Party Time

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When the Chinns throw a fabulous catered bas mitzvah party, it's a tough act for Chani Kaufman to follow. How can her bas mitzvah possibly top theirs--especially since her family is strapped for money?

Party plans take a backseat when color war breaks out in
school, splitting apart classes, friendships—and even Chinky
and Pinky, those inseparable twins. Chani’s got no time to
worry about a bas mitzvah: with her team captain out sick,
it’s up to her to lead her team to victory. The problem is,
they won’t listen to a word she says!

You’ll find all the girls you’ve grown to love, and meet
some great new characters—spunky Chani Kaufman,
mysterious Miss Karlin, and even a high-flying pilot—in B.Y.
Times #6: Party Time.

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