The B.Y. Times #12: Talking It Over

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News flash: The Chinn twins are no longer identical!

Pinky discovers that she’s eight whole pounds heavier than her sister! Horrified, she embarks on a fanatical dieting campaign, refusing to go anywhere until all her pretty clothes fit again. She’s even determined to pass up the B.Y. Timesers’ long-anticipated Chanukah trip to New York.

Batya is perturbed by Pinky’s behavior, but she’s got worries of her own. Davey, the foster child living with her family, keeps running away from home, and no one knows why. It takes a lot of caring and a healthy dose of common sense to get it all straightened out. Once again, the girls of the B.Y. Times learn how much can be accomplished just by...Talking It Over.

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Format: Default Title
Genre: Fiction
Guided Reading Level:
Series: B.Y Times
ISBN-13: 9781614654582
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