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The B.Y. Times #1: Shani's Scoop

The B.Y. Times #1: Shani's Scoop

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What do you do if you’re beginning eighth grade and things seem…well, boring? What if you want something new to tackle, an unusual project, an exciting challenge?

If you’re Shani Baum — lively, talented, and, above all, efficient — you come up with a super idea: you start a school newspaper!

At first, things couldn’t be better. Everyone loves the idea, and Shani even gets her own newsroom! But then Raizy Segal — shy, quiet Raizy, whom nobody really knows — is appointed assistant editor. And to make things worse, Raizy claims that
Shani’s very first scoop shouldn’t even be allowed in her own paper! But the editor is always right…or is she?

Shani’s Scoop is the first in a best-selling series of books, now back in print, that follows the adventures of the B.Y. Times staff: Shani; Raizy; Pinky and Chinky, the identical twins; Batya, the Israeli who always wears a smile; and Nechama, whose temper is as fiery as her hair.

Come and join the fun!

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