Talks and Tales 17 Volume Set


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Complete set of the highly acclaimed, classic Talks and Tales Series.

The Talks and Tales monthly first appeared for Chanukah, 1941, and continued, uninterrupted, for more than 47 years, providing wholesome reading material for young and old. Under the skillful editorial leadership of the late author, educator and lecturer, Dr. Nissan Mindel, Talks and Tales became a familiar staple in Jewish homes and schools worldwide. Monthly contents usually included Jewish festival information, historical events, lessons from the weekly Torah portion, and a story.

Talks and Tales is a veritable encyclopedia of Judaism, incorporating in its pages a wealth of material, covering the full gamut of Torah and Jewish life.

Now includes a new volume: A comprehensive index of topics and personalities.

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Format: Default Title
Genre: Short Stories
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ISBN-13: 9780826600035
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