Sudden Secrets


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Meir Weiss is a regular twelve-year-old cheder boy, living in the Rova Zayin neighborhood in Ashdod, enjoying life with his friends and family. The scariest thing in his life is Shimmy, the class bully.

Or is it? Maybe Meir's life was typical before, but it sure doesn't stay that way!

Meir's parents adopted him as an infant. They never tell him anything about his birth parents because even they don't know - until a new foster sister joins their happy family, and things begin to change...

Suddenly, strangers are lurking around their house and following him home from cheder and shul. His parents get a demanding, mysterious letter by special delivery. And Shimmy reveals his deepest secret to Meir.

Their lives will never be the same again!

Read Tovy Mann's latest thriller, Sudden Secrets, and join Meir on the challenging journey to discover who he really is!

New! From the author of Breakthrough!
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Format: Default Title
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ISBN-13: 9781600917561
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