Straightalk: The Next Step


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The last book you need to read before deciding to become an adult

Let's talk straight.

You know where you want to go - so why aren't you there?
You know who you want to be - but how do you become that person?

Straightalk was the book that blew readers away, transforming the lives of Jewish teens worldwide. Now, in his signature style, Yossi readies us for the next bend in life’s journey: adulthood.

In Straightalk: The Next Step, Yossi turns on the headlights and shows readers of all ages how to get past the myriad of potholes along life’s winding roads. Dealing with tough family situations, maintaining healthy self-esteem, understanding why bad things happen to good people — these burning issues are all tackled in this frank and practical guidebook.

Straightalk — take the next step.

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