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A Poor Jewish Match-Girl in Victorian England…
A Novel

A Poor Jewish Match-Girl in Victorian England…

Orphaned and ill-treated by her unloving aunt and angry uncle, Minna Steinholz is forced to sell matches on the cold streets of London with only the starlight above for company. Until the day she desperately bursts into the home of the Kornhandler family, who, despite their misgivings, welcome her into their lavish home. Minna becomes friends with Ellie, their fun-loving daughter, and can barely believe her good fortune. But Minna’s happiness is short lived. An expensive brooch is mislaid and Minna is a prime suspect. Even Ellie does not believe in her innocence.

Transformed from pauper to princess and back again to pauper, Minna flees to London’s East End. There, a deadly cholera outbreak threatens to sever her last link to her parents. Even more terrifying, Uncle Jules is trying to kidnap her and force her to return to her harsh life on the streets. Will Minna’s emunah and determination be strong enough to shine through these trying times?

In this exciting and heartwarming tale of shifting fates and fortunes, popular author Henye Meyer takes readers on a fascinating journey through Jewish life in Victorian England from its poor backstreets to the sprawling Montefiore estate, with a host of engaging characters that keep readers of all ages on the edges of their seats.

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