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Silent Storms

Silent Storms

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At first glance, Gali Rothman is a woman to be envied. Confident, chic, and put-together, she has a wonderful husband, a great job, and a happy disposition. But a deeper look into her life and her soul reveals a very different picture. For the angst in Gali Rothman's inner world is exquisitely real, a torment that eats away at her very core.

It’s painful enough to be denied children. But when Dovi, Galia's husband, becomes sucked into an agonizing haze of confusion and doubts, Gali realizes that her challenges have only just begun.

Silent Storms
 is a book that throbs with emotion. Dashed dreams and raging disappointments mingle with cautious hope and youthful exuberance, climaxing in a stunning triumph of the human spirit. It's a book that will have you sniffling — and laughing out loud! It’s a book that will storm its way into your heart, where its poignancy and message will leave a lasting imprint!
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