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Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts

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Having second thoughts? A mother is torn between her daughter’s emotional needs and her husband’s illness. Will she finally be able to right her wrongs after all these years? A thirty-year-old single woman craves independence and respect, but she’s treated like a child. What will it take to prove to everyone — including herself — that she’s finally an adult? 

A career woman discovers her artistic side and wonders why it’s so strong. Will her stiff blazer and sensible pumps allow her entry into a world she’s never known? 

Join Esther Kurtz as she explores women’s inner lives, especially when the right answer isn’t as obvious as they (and you!) thought it was. You’re going to laugh, ruminate, and yes, probably think twice as you join these women on their journeys. Don’t be too surprised if you find it’s your story too. 

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