Scribble To Script - פון קאטשקען צו שרייבן


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Writing is not an inborn skill, but rather learned. Although it seems simple and self-understood to us, and we write without even thinking about it, it is important to know that writing is a process. A child needs to undergo many stages to achieve a good standard of handwriting. The goal of the workbook is enabling and strengthening in-hand manipulation, and creating control and limits as preparation for good and correct handwriting. The workbook is constructed using a unique method of drawing circles that progresses gradually. Beginning with simple, formless circles, up until the creation of a result that is significant to the child, including circles in different sizes and places, so the child will gain satisfaction from what he has drawn and acquire writing skills in the optimal fashion. The circle drawing process is gradual, experiential, colorful, and spectacular, and includes beautiful pictures that create an exceptionally pleasurable learning experience. We hope you will enjoy the book. This workbook will improve fine motor skills necessary for writing in addition to the following skills: Concentration, Planning, Control, Performance of two tasks, Directions, Spatial orientation, Right and left directions, Sequences, Working according to a format, Quantity, Picture completion, Cutting / pasting skills and Matching skills, Students will also be gaining familiarity with the concepts of: Farm, Desert, Sea, Forest, Village, Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer and Agricultural produce
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