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My Name Is Brain Brian

My Name Is Brain Brian

ISBN: 9780590449229

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This touching, insightful story brings to light the confusion and frustration a young boy must deal with when he begins to notice that he's "different" from the other kids; he can't seem to learn things the way they do.

Heading back to school after an amazing summer vacation with friends, Brian begins sixth-grade hoping that he can make it through the year without struggling. His family already thinks he's not trying hard enough and his friends think he's just trying to be funny by spelling words incorrectly all of the time. Brian wants to prove to his family and friends that he's not "dumb." His teacher feels that Brian may have dyslexia and arranges for a battery of tests to discover the problem. After Brian is diagnosed with dyslexia, relationships with friends and family begin to change, allowing him to become a stronger human being.

Betancourt seamlessly and sensitively portrays Brian's story; notably this account is based on the author's personal experience. Readers enter Brian's world and empathize with his struggle to understand that he's not alone and that he can reach his potential. Clearly and simply written, with a momentum that will carry readers straight to the last page, this novel gracefully conveys the thoughts and feelings of a misunderstood boy who triumphs over his struggle.

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