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Mister Lister and the Two-Way Gift

Mister Lister and the Two-Way Gift

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“I’m Reuven,” he said to his new teacher. He remembered not to shake hands too hard. As he turned away, Reuven tripped on his dangling shoelace. A few of the boys snickered. Reuven wishes everything could stay the same, but there are a lot of changes in his life right now.

His best friend, David, has moved away, and Reuven needs to get used to his new fourth-grade teacher. But the most upsetting change is the arrival of a new boy, Yehuda Taprik. Reuven hopes Yehuda will be a replacement for David, and that they’ll discover they’re related. But events don’t go according to his plans. It will take Zaidy’s fascinating story about the two-way gift to help Reuven understand his confusing feelings. 

Young readers will love this addition to the Mister Lister series by award-winning author Judith Pransky, with its engaging illustrations by Sarah Zee.

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