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ISBN: 9781600919237

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Her life was finally picture perfect. Until she discovered it was just a mirage.

When Kayla Rivlin launches her upscale boutique, she's elated to fulfill her dream. But beneath the gleaming surface of her new career, cracks begin to appear. Tensions escalate as she grapples with obstacles she'd never envisioned, both at work and on the home front. Tangled relationships. A medical crisis. Ethical dilemmas.

Can she summon the courage to confront her real self...before she sinks even deeper into the abyss she created?

Written by popular author Rochel Braverman, Makeover is a novel that pulsates with true-to-life drama, relatable characters, and often-unexpected bursts of humor. It offers a candid view of some hot-button issues of today, as well as subtly woven yet powerful lessons in combating the frenetic race of keeping up with society's standards.

By Rochel Braverman

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